[Dec 5] What made me smile today?

Date: Dec 5, 2014


“The Smile Project” is about focusing on the happy things in life and making the effort to record and remember them. By the end of this project, I hope to have a huge list of things that made me smile at some point in life. You can join as well. 🙂

My Bouquet of Smiles for Today: 

1) The Fuzzy Sweater:

I always wanted to buy a fuzzy sweater. I have seen it million times in the store and it always feels SO soft to touch, so this Black Friday, I went to Garage and found one. I wasn’t sure if I would wear it enough considering it was so loose but I ended up buying it anyway. It’s been a week and it’s hard to take it off because it is so soft and warm!!! It is my ultimate blanket lol and I don’t even feel it on me coz it is so lightweight. The softness and warmth of the sweater reminded me of a friend who always used to say, “you feel so soft” whenever he hugged me and then hug me even tighter (thanks to my cozy jacket ;)). I think if he was here hugging me right now, he would have said the same thing today.

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Love this #sweater. <3

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2) The Warming Weather:

Weirdly enough, after a frozen November with temperatures averaging -20C, the temperatures are rising again and it’s going to be almost close to 0 next week. For us, 0 at this time of the year is like heaven. Every one at the office was mentioning how  beautiful the weather was outside today. As I caught a friend of mine at the office while she was leaving for lunch, we had our lil’ 10 second omg-it’s-going-to-be-warm-again-and-I-am-so-happy party on the stairs. Warmth is just perfect!

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Let it #snow. 🙂

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3) Securing Santa’s Butt:


I can’t stop laughing about this one even now. Another coworker of mine was decorating her office for Christmas today and she put some decorations up  in my office too. As she was carefully securing Santa’s butt to my cubicle wall, I couldn’t help but laugh about it. Poor Santa, I hope it doesn’t hurt too much LMAO. Maybe he’ll have presents for me in his sleigh by Christmas. Who knows lol. Here he is hanging.

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Hey #Santa! 🙂

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4) The Attached Candy Canes:

Today, my co-worker decided that she will send out holiday wishes with every email she replies to. She saved a collection of holiday pictures on her computer and asked me how she can insert them into an email. I helped her attach a candy cane picture and off the email went. This was the standard email she replies to every day but today, it had something special; something that will make the receiver smile. It was perfect! What a great way to make someone’s day.

Today’s Conclusion

It’s warming up. Outside and in people’s hearts, it’s warming up.  When it comes to darkness in our hearts, we have to walk out of it ourselves; no one else can do it for us.

Thanks a lot for reading. 🙂

Stay warm,

IshKishMish <3

Wanna join me?

If you would like to join The Smile Project, write a blog post about what made you smile today and leave a comment below with the link to your post or ping back to this post.

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  1. I love this project a lot! What a great idea. I’m so sorry I don’t have time enough now to join you, but I’ll be back for inspiration at least 😉

    • hehe that’s alright. I am gonna do this until at least the end of Dec and will continue it into January if time permits. If you like the idea but don’t have the time to write, I would advise to do it in your head. When something makes u smile, make the effort to remember it and at the end of the day, try to recall everything that made u smile. It makes so much difference; it feels amazing :))

  2. Reading your Smile Project posts makes me smile 😀 The sweater looks wonderfully fuzzy and warm! Cute snowman and Santa (who now has hemroids!) haha

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