What does it mean to be #LikeAGirl?

Normally, I skip over all the youtube Ads because I find them to be a disruption rather than a break. Today, however, was a different day. While I was listening to some songs, an Ad came on asking people to show how to run like a girl. Those words instantly caught my attention and I started watching the Ad. In the video, men and women were asked to run like a girl, fight like a girl and throw like a girl and they all did – in a way that they thought a girl would do all those things. Then they asked little girls to do the same. The differences between the two were eye-opening. How the society perceives a girl to be so frail was very nicely portrayed in the video. The sad part was that this perception is widely accepted and comes to people almost like a instinct. When the actors were acting “like a girl”, in my mind I was agreeing that that’s how a girl would run.

When people associate weakness to being “like a girl”, their perception expects that behaviour and even shapes how girls act like as they grow up. The “like a girl” behaviour is not something we think about; it’s a perception we carry with ourselves every day and is just set in our minds. It’s not that we specifically taught ourselves to think that way. It’s that the society’s view of what it is to be like a girl just got engraved in our head and eventually resulted in behaviours that conform with the “like a girl” image.

The video really reminded me of how strong we girls really are, and how, for whatever reason, we sell ourselves short because that is what we think it is to be like a girl. It also reminded me of how as we grow older, we forget to be ourselves and try to be what society expects us to be just so we can fit in.

I think Always has taken a huge step in changing this perception in people’s mind. Being like a girl does not mean being weak; it means to be someone who can walk through any kind of obstacle with all her might and confidence. Being like a girl means to love the person you are and to be true to who you are.

To myself, Always and all the girls out there, here are my words:

“If you are going to deceive anyone of who you are, don’t let that person be yourself. “



Here’s the original video:

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