What do you care to notice?

You know there are times in your life when you just try something new. Like getting out of your own house and going for a walk lol. Then you walk around actually paying attention to the things around you. Like the changing color of the leaves, random mushrooms growing in random places, the sun playing around and hiding behind the clouds every few seconds, the huge water puddles that make you wonder how much did it actually rain last night, the flowers stuck somewhere between summer and fall, the everyday paths decorated with leaves that crumble with a crunchy sound whenever you step on them, and far far away, up in the sky, the birds flying away in groups as if saying goodbye.

Have you ever noticed all these things and actually recalled them later in life? I would be interested in knowing…

While living the usual life and doing the usual things, what do you care to notice?

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Amazing #october.

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  1. We must remember to do this more often, I often find myself in a mechanical fog, presence makes everything more interesting 🙂

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