Travel Wishlist

Travel Wishlist


– Take a picture at the Potash Corp Way, Frozen SK river

Nova Scotia

– Bike the entire Cabot Trail

– Participate in Hike The Highlands Festival in Cape Breton

– Whale Watching in Pleasant Bay

– Clam Digging at Five Islands Provincial Park

– Tidal Bore Rafting Adventure, South Maitland


– Work in a traditional restaurant and learn how to make different types of Miso soup from scratch. By scratch I mean making every ingredient from scratch

– Buy one of those fans you can open and close


– Learn Calligraphy and copy at least 100 books on old style paper (including the Art of War). Prepare one as a gift for myself

– Learn to make traditional embroided silk blankets. Make a special one for myself

– Have a photo shoot on a mountain wearing a hanbok

– Taste rice wine and bingsu

– Visit 64 Building, Seoul (and hang a lock with my name on it)

– Visit The Korean Folk Village


– Visit Eiffel Tower at night

New York City

– Bike around the city and down 8th Ave (route already planned)

– Go to Top of the Rock at Sunset with someone I love


  1. My husband and I are travelling to Nova Scotia in December. Great idea to have a travel wish list.

    • Hope you have fun! It’s an amazing place from I have heard. I had their travel guides for years and just got rid of them last year because they were taking too much space. NS Tourism even sent me a book on places to eat which even had instructions on how to eat a crab lol. If you are looking for resources to plan your trip, their tourism website should be able to send you travel guides and related stuff.

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