This Is Me Art Project

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to be you.
You know – the You you really are.
The You you knew at some point.
The You you forgot over time.
The You you desperately search for and want to meet every single day.
The real You.

You want to meet yourself but it’s a bit difficult. Worst thing, you find that the person standing in your way is You. Why? You don’t know. This is Me Art Project is about finding yourself.

This is Me is about letting yourself be who you really are.
This is Me is about being comfortable in being you – regardless of whether you think you are awesome or crappy.
This is Me is about being face-face with the reality in you.
This is Me is about picking up a pen/pencil/brush and drawing whatever you want to.
This is Me is about acknowledging the reality in you and accepting yourself for who you are.
This is Me is about standing on your own two feet and being content in every part of you.
This is Me is about being proud of who you are.
This is Me is about finding comfort in your own two arms.
This is Me is about letting yourself walk the path of life with an unwavering heart.

In order to participate, you don’t have to be an artist. You just have to be you. The real you. Draw without limits. Do not erase, do not judge and just let yourself be you.

Let’s live without limits. Let’s let ourselves be ourselves for only we have the power to make that happen. Here’s a collection of my recent This is Me artwork. I am proud that I am able to let myself draw without judgement and think of each one of my creations as beautiful. Because quite honestly, this is me – the real me. A person who finds love, warmth and peace in creating endlessly. This is me and I am proud of who I am. I am proud of my imperfections. I am proud of my mistakes. I am proud of what my experiences have made me. I am proud that I have the courage to let the real me shine through the gloomy clouds of everyday life. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you today once again in this lifetime: ME.


The Purpose of my Life

There’s a longing in our hearts that takes us to places. It takes us to our dreams. Somehow, someday, our heart rips through our thoughts, our mind and stands out in a way that’s impossible to avoid. Because quite honestly, it’s been quiet for way too long. We have been ignoring it for way too long. The heart guides us to our purpose – the reason we were brought into this world. There’s a power in our heart that cannot be defied; it shakes us to our very core, hitting our thoughts like hail hitting the trees and shedding them…

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