There are no 2 kinds of people

I often hear people say that there are two kinds of people: the ones who think positively and the ones who think negatively. Positive people are known to think of failures as opportunities and negative people are known to beat themselves down about their failures. But the thing is that even though at times, I, myself, tend to say the same thing, I am not convinced that this is true. What this categorization reveals is not Real Reality of people but what I call the Surface Reality.

The Surface Reality focuses on how people act and behave and conclusions about it are highly driven by the analysis of those actions. The Real Reality, however, focuses on who we are as people – deep in the core of our hearts. However, that raises the famous question: Who are we?

Deep in the core of our hearts we were never two or three kinds of people. We were meant to be purely neutral. When we came into this world, we did not bring positivity or negativity along with us; we picked it up over time. We did not bring opinions; we formed them over time.

We talked to random people because they were… well, people.
We ate the food that strangers gave us because… well, it was food.
We forgave our friends when they hurt us because we firmly believed that they could not have possibly meant to hurt us.
We brushed off failing an exam because we knew we could always work harder the next time around.
We believed that people around us loved us simply because they were physically present.


We were told not to talk to strangers because it could be dangerous.
We were told to not eat food given by other because it could be poisoned.
We started thinking that our friends were not really our friends.
We were told to push ourselves beyond limits for our education because the world was full of competition.
We started looking for proof of being loved by people around us.
We started questioning whether anyone is really beside us.

But… was this the wrong thing to do? Was it wrong to have all these rules and limitations around us? Not at all. They were valid ways of survival. Then where did we go wrong? When did we simply stop believing that what happens to us is simply a happening, NOT the universe’s conspiracy to bring us pain/bad luck/suffering?

So, in this world, there are no 2 kinds of people. There’s only one kind of person – the one who believes. What we believe in changes from time to time depending on our experiences but that does not mean we are what we believe.

We are people full of potential.
We are open to taking risks. We strive to rise above our fears.
We continue to believe that miracles will happen in our lives.
We do not judge every moment, person, action or event.
We love with all of our hearts.
We let go of things gone wrong easily because we know that another day’s waiting for us right around the corner.
We believe that people around us love us simply because they are there.
We live with open hearts with which we give as much as we can.
We are light, hope, love, courage, strength and confidence to ourselves.

This is who we really are. This is our Real Reality.


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