The Smile Project


“The Smile Project” is about focusing on the happy things in life and making the effort to remember and record them.

Life changes every day. Sometimes in good ways and sometimes – not so good ways. Some moments bring us happiness and some, sadness. I learned it a long time ago that you can’t always have happiness alone; life will throw a pile of sadness in front of you from time to time. Things will go wrong, people will leave and sometimes you will wonder who exactly is beside you. In those times, everything will become meaningless. Everything that once made you happy will fade away. Nothing will be able to make you laugh or feel like what you have is enough. You will start questioning, judging and analyzing everything.

But when that time comes, how do you get back up again and start seeing life differently? Differently from what you feel…

That is where the Smile Project comes in. The Smile Project is about focusing on the happy things in life and taking the time to remember and record them. It is a way to create a place in your heart for the hope lost in time. It is about lifting yourself up and realizing that things are way better than what you feel. So regardless of what your mind keeps telling you every single day, pick up your pen and start recording whatever it is that makes you smile every single day of your life. You deserve a life full of happiness, love and laughter. Here is my bouquet of smiles.

– IshKishMish

  1. Dec 3 –  Realization
  2. Dec 4 – Choice
  3. Dec 5 – It’s warming up
  4. Dec 8 – Difficulties in staying positive
  5. Dec 9 – Sleep well
  6. Dec 10 – Mind and body
  7. Dec 11 – Be right here with yourself
  8. Dec 12 – Relax
  9. Dec 15 – Mistakes
  10. Dec 16 – Love
  11. Dec 17 – Tears
  12. Dec 18 – Contentment
  13. Dec 19 – Sleep well
  14. Dec 22 – Exploring the depths of your heart
  15. Jan 5 – What God wants for me
  16. Lessons from the Smile Project
  17. The Inspiration for the Smile Project

Smile Project Moments

  1. Jan 21 – When you can’t find a reason to smile
  2. Jan 26 – The best way to live
  3. Jan 29 – It was not always all smiles
  4. Feb 4 – Wuhuu! It’s party time!
  5. Feb 18 – Being Loved
  6. Feb 25 – The Warmth of Cold

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