The Smile Project


“The Smile Project” is about focusing on the happy things in life and making the effort to remember and record them.

Life changes every day. Sometimes in good ways and sometimes – not so good ways. Some moments bring us happiness and some, sadness. I learned it a long time ago that you can’t always have happiness alone; life will throw a pile of sadness in front of you from time to time. Things will go wrong, people will leave and sometimes you will wonder who exactly is beside you. In those times, everything will become meaningless. Everything that once made you happy will fade away. Nothing will be able to make you laugh or feel like what you have is enough. You will start questioning, judging and analyzing everything.

But when that time comes, how do you get back up again and start seeing life differently? Differently from what you feel…

That is where the Smile Project comes in. The Smile Project is about focusing on the happy things in life and taking the time to remember and record them. It is a way to create a place in your heart for the hope lost in time. It is about lifting yourself up and realizing that things are way better than what you feel. So regardless of what your mind keeps telling you every single day, pick up your pen and start recording whatever it is that makes you smile every single day of your life. You deserve a life full of happiness, love and laughter. Here is my bouquet of smiles.

– IshKishMish

  1. Dec 3 –  Realization
  2. Dec 4 – Choice
  3. Dec 5 – It’s warming up
  4. Dec 8 – Difficulties in staying positive
  5. Dec 9 – Sleep well
  6. Dec 10 – Mind and body
  7. Dec 11 – Be right here with yourself
  8. Dec 12 – Relax
  9. Dec 15 – Mistakes
  10. Dec 16 – Love
  11. Dec 17 – Tears
  12. Dec 18 – Contentment
  13. Dec 19 – Sleep well
  14. Dec 22 – Exploring the depths of your heart
  15. Jan 5 – What God wants for me
  16. Lessons from the Smile Project
  17. The Inspiration for the Smile Project

Smile Project Moments

  1. Jan 21 – When you can’t find a reason to smile
  2. Jan 26 – The best way to live
  3. Jan 29 – It was not always all smiles
  4. Feb 4 – Wuhuu! It’s party time!
  5. Feb 18 – Being Loved
  6. Feb 25 – The Warmth of Cold

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A Year after the Smile Project

  Written in November 2015 A year has come and gone and a lot has changed. 2015 to me was a year reserved for self-discovery. The purpose of this year was to become comfortable in who I am, what I want to be and where I want to go. And to find these answers not in others, but in myself, alone. I consider this year to be the year in which I opened up spaces to not just feel emotions but to make myself realize how every life event impacts me internally and how it changes the way I feel.…

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The Purpose of my Life

There’s a longing in our hearts that takes us to places. It takes us to our dreams. Somehow, someday, our heart rips through our thoughts, our mind and stands out in a way that’s impossible to avoid. Because quite honestly, it’s been quiet for way too long. We have been ignoring it for way too long. The heart guides us to our purpose – the reason we were brought into this world. There’s a power in our heart that cannot be defied; it shakes us to our very core, hitting our thoughts like hail hitting the trees and shedding them…

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Everyday things that make me smile

Sometimes we go through our own life like a passenger and don’t really realize that what’s around is enough to make us happy. Sometimes I really scare myself when I realize that I don’t need that much in order to feel happy every single day. What I need regardless of what I have or not, is the peace that says whatever I have is enough. That peace in itself is priceless. It cannot be bought or sold. It can only obtained by learning to see your life differently from how you feel. The great thing about that is no one…

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[Smile Project Moments] – The Birds Have Arrived

It was an awesome time. The 1st weekend of warmth. I was wondering whether I should step out or not because it had been a lil’ chilly a day before. After thinking “no” many times, I put on my rubber boots and stepped out. I wanted to see what the lake looked like. Had it melted already or was it still gonna be a while? For the first time in the last 6 months, I saw Life. Life everywhere. Children jumping into the water everywhere, adults walking their pets and exercising, and me – enjoying the sunlight with all of…

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Spring has Sprung!

Hi all, It’s March 20, 2015 and Spring has officially arrived in Canada! Winter always feels SO long and Spring and Summer feel so short that I sometimes feel like they shouldn’t even be seasons lol. I wouldn’t say I wait for Spring every year because I wait for Summer instead. You know – the time when it is finally so hot that everyone else has to turn on their ACs but you are finally happy to have that heat back into your life that you wouldn’t even care to plug your AC in. That amazing feeling of finally burning…

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Smile Project Moments [5] – The Warmth of Cold

There are times when the snow falls in a very dreamy way. Even though it’s falling, it feels as if it wants to stay in the air just a bit longer. As you look through the window, you see the snow stopping mid-air as if taking the time to look at you and then dancing around before finally giving up to gravity and falling a bit lower. It’s almost as if it finds joy in hanging around in the air a bit longer before ultimately hitting the ground and being stuck in one place. This video is from one of…

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Smile Project Moments [4] – Being Loved

In the last week of January, I realized that the month of Love was approaching. You know…the month that comes very year and goes away just like anything else in life. I wasn’t really in the best mood at that time but I had the idea of decorating my office a little. I scrapped that idea due to stupid reasons. Then, for the sake of doing something, I dragged myself out of the office on a very cold lunch hour and went to the dollar store. That is where I met my Valentine who smiled in a way I could…

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Welcome to! :)

Hi all, This awesome day is finally here!! I am now the owner of my very own website,!! :DDD I have been wanting to acquire for a long time but I had been delaying it as much as possible because I knew it would involve a lot of work. Finally, this weekend I took the time to buy my domain and hosting space and started the migration. Even though I am nowhere near done everything I want to do on my new site, I have at least recreated the basic structure I had on I cannot begin to imagine…

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It was not always all smiles

Yes. This was the unfortunate truth of life. It was not always possible to be a smiley face. It was also not always possible to be a sad face either. Two months ago, I started questioning some things. If I am really considered “lucky” (as per my life horoscope), how is being sick lucky at all? Why were terrible things happening to me all over again? Why did I, at a very young age, always had to deal with stupid health problems that even doctors could never figure out the causes of? Why was I a victim of all of…

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Smile Project Moments [2]

I haven’t been feeling like smiling at all lately due to some things. I see something beautiful, I don’t want to take a picture. I see a message, I don’t want to reply. I see the awesome plus temperatures, I don’t want to step out. I have been too consumed in something and even though I have been still been reviewing my day to try and remember what has made me smile, I haven’t been feeling like I want to smile. Today, however, I went to the store to get a few things and as I was waiting to pay,…

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