The Journey Back Home (1/6)

The-Journey-Back-Home thin

Written in November 2015

I will begin by saying that I call this moment of life, “Lighting Strikes.” Because for many reasons, I have made many decisions this month that I would have never made. But something so powerful is drawing me into something that is already familiar but perhaps now unknown. I don’t know how to fully describe it yet. After such a long time, how could I possibly want to go to a place I have never wanted to go ever again? I left 11 years ago, informing every friend rather proudly that they should never expect to see me again. Ever.

Home. The story of travelling back home. A place so far away from my heart that even if I thought about it in my memories, I threw it away without any second thought. I don’t have many memories and whatever is there is completely crap. That’s how I feel about it anyways.

But that tall structure standing there is something special to me. Somehow, unknowingly, it’s embedded somewhere in between my feet and the touch of the ground. In fact, it might be the only reason my feet can actually touch the ground. Without it, there would be no glue, no love, no belonging. It is a place much stronger than anyone of us have ever been able to build with our amazing careers and worldly belongings. It is a place so powerful in my life that deep in my heart I strongly feel that all answers to my life will be found exactly there and absolutely nowhere else.


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