The Chill

Today, I took the lovely chance to head out of the house. Last few days had been pretty warm with snow melting and raining. And the sun just made everything look so awesome. Oh dear sun, I love how you never fail to deceive me (Still, love you). I checked the weather. -11C. Not so bad with the sun. Took the liberty to spend an hour curling my hour (which seriously I never do!). For some reason I had this idea of looking beautiful against the beautiful white snow (oh did I tell you? It snowed again last night after melting for the last 2 days (which btw was funny coz snow never melts in November) lol). As I am writing this, I am loving my used of brackets (haha). Yea, gotta have layers in this kind of weather. Even for text (haha). So well, anyway, I headed out in my “Fall” jacket because I thought it was not as cold as I thought it was. Didn’t think there was a need for a scarf with 3 hoods. Took my bag (in which I keep extra clothing just in case it gets colder) without realizing I did not put my gloves in it. So I step out and oh, it feels so wonderful. The sun is there. It is not windy (wind makes everything way colder than it is). There’s snow on the ground. It is shining with the sunlight. It is all so magical. For about 5 mins or so you know lol.

I am wearing my hard core winter boots that help me survive and the oh-so-cold -50C prairie winters. Unfortunately though, they are not long enough. So my legs are starting to feel a lil’ cold but I continue walking. To take a short cut and to test out my massive boots, I walk all over the now-buried-under-snow grass. That just feels amazing. I mean to be crushing something that’s already buried without getting stuck in the snow? hahaha. I walk across the road while being very careful of the icy road. I take my camera out and start taking random pictures as usual. The tree, the snow, the leaves, the benches. Everything’s in the same place as it was in the summer. Just frozen and covered by snow that’s all. There’s not many people in the park. The ones that are there are not walking on the grass like me. What can I do? I just see something and I go there to take a picture. I roam around the same area for a few mins. It’s getting harder to keep my hands out of the pockets. The camera is taking too long to click pictures. I am taking too long to decide which angle to shoot from, which I should stay close or far from the selected scene. Gosh! Seriously? I don’t have the time to experiment. My hands are freezing. The threshold for keeping my hands out of my pockets without my gloves is 5 seconds. I check my bag. Why am I even carrying a bag if I didn’t even remember to put my gloves in? I am annoyed. I don’t have the time to think though. I must shoot quickly. I try. I fail. Just within a few seconds of adjusting the camera, my hands are chilled to the very core. And when I say core, I mean core! It’s as if the chill of the cold creeps into your body very very slowly (you don’t notice it much initially) and then in a matter of few more seconds, boom! It feels like the core of your bones are frozen from inside and you are now this alive yet dead human being. All in a matter of seconds. It’s the freakiest thing ever.

Life is good. More later. Stay warm. ♨️ ☕️

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