Teachings of the Sea

 Written on Aug 15, 2012. 

A excerpt from the reflections after the first meeting with the Sea in Dominican Republic, Aug 2012.


I have learned a few things from うみ (the sea):

  • Just like the sea, you cannot see life’s end so don’t try guessing. Cherish every moment in front of you and get on the boat. Live life as if it is endless. That way, you will live longer than you have lived – in people’s hearts.
  • The abundance of the sea can show you everything, your weaknesses, strengths, depending on what your mind is thinking. At times it was calming, other times, frustrating. I sat on the beach watching the waves for a long time and thinking about random things. It wasn’t very comforting. I remember I used to go to Lake Ontario during the weekend when I used to live in Toronto. The water somehow calmed my heart. I thought it would have the same effect here too. It didn’t. It felt like 10* Lake Ontario had made a club and ganged up on me and ran over me, not even taking me with it. And I was sitting there, helpless. It frustrated me to the very core. SO I decided to take my time with it. I walked along the shore. Does the feeling change?  Most of the time, it just made me feel confused. It is something I still haven’t understood properly.
  • One of my favorite things to do with the water was play with it like a child. In fact, not even like a child. Children were swimming far distances, jumping up n down in water, not building sand castles. lol  So I wrote. I wrote on the wet sand. I wrote a lot. Atleast an hour a day. The challenge was to finish writing before the water comes and clears it all away. I practiced Japanese on it. One time, I wrote , ”Dear sea, I am Ishwinder.” (ウ身や、私はイしわあんだあです。). I like the fact I was competing with the water and it almost always won. Now that I think about it, the sea represented one special person, a person who always accepts you as you are. Someone who can listen to everything that’s bothering you and just hold you in his arms. The sea was amazing at listening (although too impatient). You could probably tell it any of your secrets and life would still be alright. In that way, we were sort of like friends.
  • And lastly and most importantly, I learned that the sea will show u your state of mind, all wide open, in front of the whole wide world.

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