Summer Countdown is up!

I have been waiting for Summer for a very long time and have already started preparing for it. Before March even began, we sat down and decided where we were gonna go on all the long weekends in the Summer!! It sounds crazy but camping sites book so quickly in Saskatchewan that you have to book the important dates now to get a spot. Saskatchewan is full of amazing nature and wildlife and Summer is the best time to enjoy it all. You may have read my letter to the Summer from a long time ago and my promise to it to make the best of it. Well, this year, I am going to work hard on making this Summer the best of my life. I am not going to just let it just slip away. I am not going to let other factors come in the way of what will make me smile. Yes, things are always gonna come in my way and life will hang in front of me in a scary way trying to make me think I cannot do what I want to, BUT I will fight these thoughts and become the person I am meant to be!  So, in anticipation of Summer, I have put an animated Summer countdown on my website’s sidebar. If you’d like a similar countdown on your website, feel free to contact me for instructions. Let’s count down to Summer together! 😀

Are you ready? 🙂

IshKishMish <3


A girl who loves smiling like flowers!


  1. Your blog is lovely, yes, I’m counting down to summer too, I’m tired of all the cold around! 🙂

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