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Welcome to the IshKishMish shop. Here’s a few postcards I have made. If you would like to receive one, please contact me via the contact me page.

Rise Above The Clouds

As beautiful the sun rays are, clouds are unavoidable in life. Unfortunately, not all days are bright and sunny. Unfortunately, clouds will often come in between you and the sun and tear you two apart. In those times, it’s important to remember that what you cannot see is still there – above the clouds. So rise above, rise above what you cannot see and believe. Believe with all your heart.

Make It Enough

How many times have you sat down and wondered if what you have is enough? You have compared yourself to all those surrounding you and have found that you are still behind. You want to be ahead of them. You want to be better. In those times, it’s important to realize that you are running for no reason. And that too, in the wrong direction. Whatever you have today, make it enough. Make it enough so that you no longer need to compare. Make it enough so that nothing can shake the ground underneath you anymore.

Let Yourself Go

This postcard was inspired by being stuck. There were so many times I wanted to do some things and couldn’t. That was because I couldn’t let myself walk into an unknown world where anything could happen. And I was scared. Very scared to let myself be subjected to getting hurt and being disappointed. But I also found that I couldn’t experience new things anymore. Although comfortable, everything was old and boring. Same routines, same things, same people. Over and over again. It was as if once was not enough. As if suffering and misery attached their lifeline to mine over and over again. And the worst part was that I let it. I let it. So I decided to let myself go. Let myself walk in a new and scary direction regardless of those uncertainties. And I realized that although there will be disappointment along the way, there will also be adventures and surprises and that that was enough to feel alive every single day.

Love Hurts. It’s OK.

This postcard was inspired by Love. Many people have experienced this thing popularly known as Love. Capitalize it if you wish. And no doubt, Love freaking hurts! But… it’s alright because we are all on the path decided for us. There is nothing ever really wrong. Regardless of what’s happening, everything always is in the right place. The important thing to remember is that this path is taking us somewhere and we are the owners of it. So although love hurts, don’t worry too much. Don’t spend too much time crying either. At the very least, believe in the forever love residing within you.

As Light as the Summer Breeze

This postcard is inspired by the comfort of the summer breeze. I love Summer. On most summer evenings, I like to be out, under the sun, riding my bike or just walking. And in those moments, I like to close my eyes and just feel the lightness of the summer breeze. I love how its warmth takes away my worries and tickles me at the same time. I have often wanted to be as light as the summer breeze.

Be The Sun

This postcard is inspired by the forever-shining sun. A while ago, I had written about the sun and how even on cloudy days, it still keeps shining. How it still keeps shining without anyone’s approval or opinion. How it does that regardless of whether it can reach anyone or not. The sun’s determination to reach the earth inspires me. I hope that more and more people will learn to be more like the sun rather than seeking approval and deciding to stop shining just because they can’t reach anyone. I hope that they all learn what it means to keep be who they truly are without worrying about what other people think about them.

You are Love

This postcard is inspired by an important realization that you ARE love. Not that you are LOVED, but that you ARE Love itself. Many of us spend our lives looking for the love of our life because apparently, that’s supposed to complete us. But it never really occurs to us that we actually are Love itself. Love is not something you find in others, it something you find in yourself.

Grow good thoughts

This postcard is inspired by an art book I read at the library. The book contained the story of a girl who illustrated the importance of having good thoughts because they all grow into these huge trees into our lives and become so deep-rooted that it becomes almost impossible to uproot them. Since I had seen that happen in my life as well, I felt the need to pass this message on to the rest of the world.

Take off the layers so I can see YOU

This postcard is inspired by human beings who thought they could fool me with their words and shake me about who they are. Fortunately, it didn’t work. Hopefully, over time, they will understand that although layers can keep you warm and safe, they are also the major obstacle between who they are being and who they truly are. To all those out there that are hiding themselves, I hope that a day comes in your life on which you feel confident and safe without these clingy layers.

Don’t SWEAT it

How many times have you found yourself running to get things done? Everything must be done by a certain time, day, month. It’s so annoying even when you are actually doing things that are important to you. You are running, running and running everyday and you just feel tired of it all. As I was in the process of turning my dreams into reality, I made this postcard to remind myself that everything you do should be done at a pace that helps you enjoy the process, not get tired of it and give up until who knows when. I hope more of us realize that an important element of success is not just having an idea and implementing it but actually enjoying the tiring process that goes with it.

Live. Love. Laugh.

Living. Loving. Laughing. The 3 most important things in life. I have been reading these 3 words stuck together throughout my life. And as I looked back at my life, I realized how I didn’t understand them at all. To live is to let yourself go. To love is to not judge. To laugh is to let your smiles dance with joy. I made this postcard to inspire myself to keep doing these 3 things over and over again in this lifetime.

To those summer memories…let’s never say goodbye

Summer <3<3. Summers are amazing. Summer is a season that pushes me out of my own cave and towards the sky, where I am afraid but also feel awesome at the same time. When we were little, we had some amazing times in the Summer. In fact, we had like 8 months of Summer each year. There was absolutely no other season we had a better relationship with. We’d slip out into streets we didn’t know, disturb people by ringing their house bells and run away, and wander around in the rain just for fun. It was a very fun time. So to those summer memories, let’s never say goodbye. Because although you may have come far far from where you were, some things come into your life to stay. So let them stay and comfort you. At least until new memories can replace them.

The sun is HOT & so are YOU

This postcard is inspired by someone who didn’t know that he was hot as well. LOL! This postcard is for all of those who are unaware of this reality in themselves.

Break FREE

This postcard is inspired by all that holds you back from becoming the person you always wanted to be. I hope that you break free from all that holds you back.

When raindrops fall endlessly, don’t stop

This postcard is inspired by a walk in the rain after a decade. A walk that took me back into various kinds of rainy days in my life – the good and the bad. It made me realize how rain can become a sad thing even though it had been a joyful one at one point in time. The context perhaps changes everything. Regardless of it all, I hope you don’t stop. I hope you keep going.

Somewhere over the rainbow…

This postcard is inspired by the song, “Somewhere over the rainbow.” I had heard it at various points in life but that was all I remember of it. For some reason, the way those words were said really touched me. I have not been able to put that feeling into words still.

Don’t let the world diminish your light

There are a billion stars in the sky, each with their own light. Even with one of them diminished, the world would become a darker place than before. We are like these stars as well. There are many many reasons to stop ourself from reaching our true potential and a lot of those reasons come from how people around us think of us. Regardless of what the world says however, I hope you learn to not let the world diminish your light because your light is what’s going to take you higher, not people’s opinions.

Go beyond your limitations



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