Right Here In My Heart

It’s been a while since I posted any photos. The camera in my new phone (16MP) is way way better than my old iPod (1.3MP) but I still seem to keep reaching for the iPod to take a picture. I guess it reminds me of what’s real in a photo. I must never forget what’s real no matter however many awesome cameras I move onto in the future. What’s real… is the heart of a person.

Here’s a glove-off, glove-on photo taken on my way home from work today. It’s been extremely cold here this week and the “real feel” temperatures reached their peak of -46C last weekend. Today, it wasn’t very windy so I felt safe enough to remove my hand from my glove, take a picture and put my glove on again. For the second picture, I did the same thing lol. That’s what I call a glove-off, glove-on photo lol! GOGOP! hahaha. And finally, here’s what I call, “Right Here In My Heart.”

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Right here in my #heart. - Jan 9, 2015

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Jan 9, 2015, 10:03 PM, -24C (Real Feel -31C), Regina, SK, Canada

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  1. its a beautiful capture 🙂

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