My Summer Love – The Rain

It doesn’t happen often. It doesn’t rain for two days continuously over here. In fact, most of the summer has been so dry that everyone has been very worried. Last week, we finally had it all. Two days of continuous thunder, lightning, strong winds and rain. The rain makes every thing a lil’ cool. But I love watching it. I love being that kid peeking through the window into the outer world, feeling rain’s intensity as it hits the ground, shoots back up again and eventually loses its power. The rain reminds me that anything is possible. That it’s possible to use all your strength on something and eventually make it. I remember writing, “I wish to be like the rain that falls on the ground endlessly” a long time ago. I love rain’s energy and determination. For me, rain always brings back good memories.

When we were little, we’d wait for the monsoon season. Those were the only months it would rain endlessly in. All the kids on the street had a deal. Whenever it rained, we’d slip into our old clothes and randomly walk through the streets in the rain. The rain falling on us, the thunder getting crazier by the second, we’ll feel it all. As every drop of water touched our skin, it transferred into us its energy which later transformed into crazy kids ringing random people’s house bells and running away. The rain washed over everything that ever held us back. We’d spend hours just hanging out in the rain and even dancing in it sometimes. So when I saw this endless rain all over again, I wanted to step out and relive those memories.

In all honesty, I was extremely scared. Winds were taking down trees. Lightning had been reported to kill people. It was very dark outside. It wasn’t a joke. But I wanted to go. I wanted to feel the excitement of the rain all over again. So I stepped out in my flip flops so the rain could kiss my feet. I walked and even ran through the endless rain with my umbrella. Then I found a good spot to sit and observe the rain carefully. How its so full of excitement and energy. How I always wanted to be more like it. How with each drop that falls on the ground, there’s always something renewed. How it gives energy and life to so many living beings. I stared into the sky and at the poor trees trying to hold their ground in these winds. I did not meet anyone on the way at all. Nobody was on their foot in this rain.

When raindrops fall endlessly, don’t stop.

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015

Metadata: Inspiration


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