My Summer Love – The Mosquito Attack

As the temperatures have been soaring towards the 40s (C) recently, there are a lot of mosquitoes around. Every time I step outside, it’s as if they are waiting for every human being to just step out so they can feast on their blood. Hahaha. I experienced the first attack on my work break when I stepped out to enjoy the sun. Enjoy I did! These creatures tried their best to suck my blood.

The second attack occurred later that day. As soon as I stepped out to do some photography in the evening, I realized it was going to be impossible to take a picture. These tiny creatures were all over me, inserting their needles everywhere, making me move crazily and slap myself in so many places. I am not gonna lie, there was some blood involved in this fight. The trees were the evidence. LOL!

To prevent myself from being attacked without any kind of defence, I had to go back home and spray myself with Deep Woods, the spray we usually use in the wild. So I sprayed myself with this strongly smelling chemical and headed out again. Looks like they could detect the places that weren’t sprayed well and continued their attack. This time it was less severe though. So I walked around taking pictures and still had a wonderful evening with myself. I guess I should thank them for wanting my blood so much lol because with that I know that I have a place on this planet, a place I sometimes forget about while walking the path of life.

What my face looks like when I'm attacked by the mosquitoes

What my face looks like when I’m attacked by the mosquitoes

Until the next attack,

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015


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