My Summer Love – The Bike Rides

Today, I just wanted to go for a bike ride. No phone. No sketchbook. No nothing. Just a simple bike ride to enjoy the summer breeze. Sometimes we get too caught up in capturing everything that we forget to actually enjoy the moment. Today was that day – the day that made me drop it all. It was a bit cloudy but not cold. You know, the day when the summer breeze lets it all down to pick up all the worries from the edges of your body? As I rode through the park with one arm gliding through the air, I realized…the summer breeze was just sliding all over me. In those moments, I found myself smiling from head to toe. Summer kisses to the bike rides and the summer breeze!!

IMG_20150627_190025Love is forever,

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015

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A girl who loves smiling like flowers!


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  2. Fortunately, because I am retired, I have the latitude to having more of these kinds of moments. Yesterday, I went with friends on a five-hour sail around the San Juan Islands. It’s kind of like a bike ride with more adventuresome moments. They are, indeed, important times to savor and re-energize the spirit!

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