My Summer Love – Sun-Kissed

Originally, it was just an idea. To make the best of this summer I mean. How? I had no idea. All I knew was that I love the hot weather, the greenery, the clear skies and that somehow I needed to make the most of it exactly where I am.

As I was drying myself in the sun by the pool one day, I realized something:

I was sun-kissed.

All the small steps taken to make the best of this summer such as going to the park, watching the sunset, riding the bike, listening to the live concerts, watching movies under the stars, going to the pool, listening to summer mixes, trying out food from various food trucks – all of it instilled in me an energy, a spirit that can never be stolen away from me by any human being in this world. By simply getting up from the couch every day and dragging myself out of the house, I became totally and completely sun-kissed. The sun loves me. The skies love me. The trees love me. And flowers do too.

The sun-kissed IshKishMish 😀


Summer 2015


A girl who loves smiling like flowers!

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