My Summer Love – Summer Sunsets on the Lake

The best part of any summer evening is the perfect sunset that embraces the sky with its beautiful colours and reflects on water to show you who you are and what’s on your mind. Sunset for me is a time of reflection; a time to drag myself out of my couch, out of my apartment, to the lake – where God awaits. During this time, I am braver than normal, more honest than normal and much more comfortable than normal. Most importantly, in the comfort of different colours spreading throughout the sky like wild fire, I am calmly and comfortably, ME. The person I am meant to be all the time. Just ME. There is no anger, no disappointment, no nothing, just the calmness that flows like the water in front of me – slowly and slowly. It is a time in which I can sit quietly, reflect on my life and resolve all my worries. It is a time reserved just for me, myself and I – on my bike.

To summer sunsets: xoxo

IMG_20150616_221558 IMG_20150616_221640 IMG_20150616_221421 IMG_20150616_220920

Love is forever,

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015

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  1. Beautiful day indeed. Nicely captured πŸ™‚

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