My Summer Love – Art in the Park

Art in the Park is a public event organized by our public library and it conveniently happens during lunch time every Friday. I had seen it before and had wanted to join. Then I saw how it was full of kids and had changed my mind. My thoughts were stopping me but the thought of spending an hour creating something with unlimited amount of colours in front of me had excited me. I had forgotten about it all though until I saw it again last Friday. Kids were there again and so were their mothers. I finished eating my lunch and watched them for a while. Then I moved closer and continued watching them. Suddenly, it was 12:35pm and I was thinking about how I should make it my next summer goal. A lil’ girl was passing by with her mom and she was looking at those kids with the same eyes as me. And that’s when I got up and asked for a piece of paper. The lil’ girl followed me and asked me if she could paint too. I told her that anyone can paint and directed her to the staff for materials.

In front of me was a blank sheet of paper and a plate full of colours mixed into each other like a perfect mistake. I grabbed 2 brushes that felt like me and heard the staff say, “This week, we are painting flowers.” LOL! I wonder why I couldn’t just sit and watch. The flowers were calling me! Each table had a vase of beautiful fresh flowers for inspiration. I thought of it as beautiful idea for outdoor summer lunches/dinners. The kids inspired me to lose myself in a world that is needed to refresh my soul. With an opportunity full of endless possibilities, I set myself into a world in which I feel totally and completely myself. I don’t know which flowers I am drawing. I really don’t care. I am just going with what I feel and that feels awesome. I realize I am running out of time. I finish my “tree” of flowers, write “live like a flower” on it and run away. It’s 1 o’clock and I have to get back to work. Ahhh…what a sad goodbye. No picture. No nothing. Just a goodbye. But…I am happy. I am content. I have done what I wanted to do.

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