My Summer Love – A Dip Into The Pool

I have been trying to create small goals and accomplish them. There’s a lot I want to do in life but I can’t always bring myself to do it. I will think and think and keep thinking rather than actually doing it. So i decided I would slow everything down to my own pace and take life one step at a time. With that in mind, I decided that if I see something i want to do but can’t bring myself to do it, I will make it my summer goal. After throwing my dart on it, I will figure out how to make it happen one step at a time.

Going to the outdoor pool was one of those things I have been hesitating about. I have always wondered how much fun it would be to be in there but could never bring myself to go there. “Too much to figure out.” So after hesitating for a few weeks and watching people from the other side of the fence, I decided to make a stop there to get info about how to get in. One day, on a bike ride through the park, I stopped there and got all the details. Now that I knew what it would take to get in, my next goal was to make it happen lol. Then one hotttt summer day, I got back from work with the goal of hitting the pool. I made my dinner in a hurry, ate and cleaned up and hurried to the pool. It was the best day ever. I was alone but together. I know that I belong in places I see myself in. Even better, I know that I belong in places I can’t even imagine myself in. I love me.

IMG_20150720_215649Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015


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