How to find light in darkness?


This article is in continuation to last week’s article in which I was exploring how you can your choices as a tool to be happier in life. You can read last week’s article here.

When something hits you hard enough to shake you to your very core, how can you keep on believing that there is still hope?
How can you still continue believing that the world is an amazing place and awesome things are going to happen for you in the future?
How can you throw away the effect of what life has thrown your way and keep on believing that there is hope?
When nothing ever seems to work out and only darkness surrounds you, how can you find light?

The answer to all of these questions is to push your dark thoughts away. Don’t let them hold you by your ankle. Throw them away! Burn them if you can! But don’t let them make you miserable. But how do you that?

Let’s say for example, you believe that someone who is important to you does not care about you.

1) The first thing to realize is that this is what you believe to be true; it is not necessarily the “truth” (but you are convinced that it is the “truth” and even have evidence to support that fact)

2) The second thing to realize is that just because you have evidence to support your belief does not mean it is true. Remember, lawyers can always argue both sides of the story because it is possible to prove 2 different view points with different supporting arguments. But just because you have supporting arguments does not make 1 view truer than the other. It is the weight of each argument that decides the “truth”. In other words, “truth” in itself does not exist. In fact, it is created by the weight of our arguments. And our minds will believe whatever we convince ourselves of.

3) The third thing to realize is that even if it is the “truth”, it does not matter. Why? Because your happiness matters more than anything else in this world.

4) Now that you know that your happiness matters more, decide which of the following thoughts will make you happy if you chose to ignore the “truth”:
A) Person X does not care about me or love me
B) Person X cares about me and loves me a lot

Most definitely, it has to be Thought B that makes you happy; Thought A will make you feel unloved. Then why, on any day in your life would you choose to think that that person does not care about you? Because you think that “they really don’t?” If your goal is your happiness, why does it matter what the “truth” is? Why in this world would you let the “truth” get in the way of your happiness? Why would you let it become the reason for your misery?

Therefore, in life, when anything sad happens, don’t let the “truth” make you miserable. Instead, set it free up into the sky so it can take care of itself without dragging you down. Every day, when a thought enters your mind, ask yourself, “does it make me happy?” If it doesn’t, throw it away immediately. And the “truth”? Don’t even bother wasting your time with it because your happiness is more important. Continue walking the path of your life believing in miracles, UNBROKEN.

This is what it means to “choose to be happy”. If a thought does not help you live a happier life, throw it away. Throw away the “truth” too. Step on it until it crumbles if you like. But don’t let it make you feel hopeless. Live life like you have never been hurt. Choose light over darkness because in this life, you deserve nothing but happiness.

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“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” Kurt Vonnegut.


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  1. Do you remember the Trablogger quote ” Confidence and happiness can be faked, but when It is real, you will know like any other matters with heart” 😛 ( something like that)
    Well I think if you are willing to accept the ‘truth’ as it is, you are more likely to find happiness. If you repeat something which isn’t true (that he loves me and it makes me happy) and you know it, that make you more miserable I guess. Just my view.

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