Flowery Fridays

Flowers are one of the things that I love the most in this world simply because they make me happy. My love for flowers started a very long time ago. As a child, one day I asked myself, “If there was something in this world that you wanted to be like, what would that something be?” My answer? “Flowers.” I asked myself why. “Because if I were a flower, I would at least know how to smile,” I replied. So here I am today. Ready to share my smiles with all of you. 🙂

If you want to learn something from a flower,

learn to smile.

To be vibrant under the abundant sky.

To dance with the winds and shine under the sun.

To stand still with endless joy.

IshKishMish <3

[Flowery Fridays] – The Bouquet of Life

“What does the bouquet of life hold?” I wondered once upon a time. I did not know the answer. I did not find out. All I know is that it held not a single flower – but many. Often times in life, we make something or someone our everything. We forget everything else and start focusing on just one thing – whether it be a goal, a career, an education, a relationship etc. We work hard for that one thing every day yet something feels missing. And when something goes wrong with that one thing, we feel incomplete and lost.…

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Flowery Fridays – Nobody sees a flower really

Today I want to share one of my favourite poems with you. I found it at the Botanical Garden in Edmonton two years ago. It connects the two most beautiful things in my life – flowers and friends. My flowers from the last Flowery Friday bloomed slowly each day and are now almost dried out. I can’t wait to buy a new bouquet next week! Enjoy! Nobody sees a flower – really It is so small it takes time We haven’t time And to SEE takes times, Like having a friend takes time. – from ‘One Hundred Flowers’ Keep smiling…

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Flowery Fridays: Let’s go farther than the sky

During the winter, I haven’t been buying flowers very much because they have been dying too quickly due to the lack of sunlight. Last week, I went to get grocery and was waiting until I had picked up all the food to pick up the flowers. As I was making the payment, I realized I had forgotten to pick up the flowers :(. I paid for all the food and then went back into the store to get flowers. For some reason, there weren’t any beautiful ones. Most of them had wilted and were near death. After so much disappointment,…

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Flowery Fridays – What’s worth more than your smile?

I often say that forever is a very long time and it really is. We wait forever to start doing certain things even if we really really like doing them. Having flowers beside me everyday is one of the things I waited forever to begin using excuses like, ” It’s a waste of money”, “They die anyway” , “It’s a hassle to carry them home from the store”, “I hate having to choose from so many varieties” and “What’s the use of all of this work, really?” And in all honesty, these excuses are all valid. I can convince myself…

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Flowery Fridays – “Don’t wait for someone to give you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.”

This journey began a long time ago. So long ago that I cannot even remember when. Can you imagine being in the middle of nowhere and realizing that you really are somewhere? If you are lucky like me, you find that somewhere in the middle of flowers. Now, you might think I live in a very warm place that has flowers year-round and that I am able to enjoy their presence anytime. Reality though? Not so much. I live in the prairies, one of the coldest parts of Canada. You would be lucky if you can plant flowers in June…

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