[Flowery Fridays] – The Bouquet of Life

“What does the bouquet of life hold?”
I wondered once upon a time.
I did not know the answer.
I did not find out.
All I know is that it held not a single flower – but many.

Often times in life, we make something or someone our everything. We forget everything else and start focusing on just one thing – whether it be a goal, a career, an education, a relationship etc. We work hard for that one thing every day yet something feels missing. And when something goes wrong with that one thing, we feel incomplete and lost. When the one thing we live for every single day is lost, then we wonder what is left to live for.

I feel that I often feel tired when I get lost in something without limits. I can really concentrate on everything very well. I could study for hours without eating. I could work for hours without taking any breaks. Once I start something, I could really go endlessly without any concern for time or food. It is a good and a bad thing at the same time. However, even though I find that time spent concentrating on one thing very fulfilling, I do not find myself to be very productive in the long run. Eventually, I start feeling overwhelmed. I lose the desire to continue. It’s simply exhausting. However, on days I spend doing a little bit of everything I want to do, even if I don’t finish everything I started, I feel much more fulfilled. Just because I can do a variety of things every day and my mind is not always just thinking about the same thing.

So yes, we cannot just fill every day with one single flower we adore or want the most; we have to take the time to fill it with many and to adore each one every now and then. Because in reality, each one brings the kind of happiness in our lives that no other can fulfill.

PS – Haven’t had a chance to buy new flowers yet. Will get some tomorrow. Hope you enjoy this pik from last summer.

Regina, SK, Canada, -11C, 7:27 PM

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