Pick up a fallen leaf

Fall felt like a semester of fallen leaves- although scattered, but still organized in the cycle of nature. I picked up a few leaves over and over again, watched them dry out and lose their colours, gave them away as gifts, decorated my table with a few, danced around with some, found some crushed in my own backpack, but still…I found that..

There are advantages of picking up a fallen leaf.

In a way, it gave me direction; hope. Of where I am supposed to be going. What I must keep on doing regardless of what happens in life. What I must forget, forgive, treasure, discard or let go of. What I must keep on believing.

The colours of Fall are magical. I don’t know where it gets its brightness from but it gave me strength. “How can something be dead and so beautiful?,” I wondered. And how can it  keep on changing colours even after that? And most importantly, how come I have not paid much attention to it up until now???

“The beauty is within me,” I realized.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. So whether my life is amazing, complicated or confusing, it is because I choose to see it as such. Because regardless of everything, roses will still be red, christmas lights will still be magical, and fallen leaves will still make every place beautiful.

All I need is an eye that can catch and appreciate the beauty in what’s in front of me. Nothing else matters.

As life goes on… my promise to myself is not only to stay awake and alive, but to keep on living! To keep on believing! In myself! And to seek out opportunities which will reinforce that belief. The belief that I have the ability to do everything that I want to do in life, regardless of what is currently right or wrong in my life. And when life gets confusing?

I will pick up a fallen leaf! I will start with myself.

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