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The labour day weekend has passed and it’s time to wrap up My Summer Love series. I remember saying, “Be your own Summer.”  I remember being it too. Summer has been awesome for me. In fact, it has been the best so far. I love Summer and always will. I know that. Summer does too. The connection I have made with Summer is something that cannot be stolen by anyone. It is not the kind of connection you make by accepting a friend request by anyone on today’s social networks; nor it is the kind of connection you make by exchanging a thousand text messages with someone you like. It is the kind of connection that makes you feel connected to every single thing around you. It is the kind of connection that is simply and purely forever.

Most of you know that little things are very important to me. They are integral to who I am. Today, I would like to explain what it means to Be Your Own Summer.


The Sun

As I step out into the sun under this beautiful sky, I know. I know that with every single step of mine touching the ground, this world feels my presence. I know that as I sit in the park letting the Sun settle on my skin, I want to consume it. In fact, I want to pull it all in, into the deepest corners of my heart, where warmth is needed the most. I know that the Sun sees this. I know that by watching me consume its warmth with so much sincerity, it sees its usefulness and it knows that it matters. With every single ray of the Sun touching every single living being, I know that unknowingly, we are all growing. I know that the trees are shooting out endless branches and leaves, and even living beings as small as mosquitoes, ants, wasps, flies and bees are all finding life. With this, I know that I am one of those countless living beings that the Sun injects energy into every single day. So today,  I choose to feel Sun’s presence while it lasts. As I step out everyday, I want the Sun to know that because of it, I am alive; because of it, I am growing. This connection with the earth’s biggest energy source is raw and real. It is a connection that is simply known by the heart to be true regardless of whether the Sun stays here today or not.



The Sun is one thing though. There are insects. The mosquitoes, the flies, the ants. They want me. In fact, they want to bite me and suck my blood until I get extremely irritated and angry. I know that they want me because I am present on this planet. I provide them with the food they need in order to live their life. Clearly, I am needed by other living beings. I am wanted by them for real needs. Without my presence, there would be one less source of food for them. It is in fact a matter of life and death for them. My presence today is felt by organisms as little as mosquitoes and probably even by those who I cannot see with my naked eye. All in all, I know that I have a place on this planet. And not just a place, but a place that is useful to other living beings.


The Trees

The trees inspire me. I have been observing them for a long time and even drawing them. They are the essence of me. Every day, as seasons change, they stay exactly in one place. Grounded and strong. In their place, they know that they have everything they need in order to live their lives. It was not their choice to be planted there but they are there now. So the only thing they can do today is to grow towards the sky, provide others some shade, food, purified air. Unknowingly, unnoticeably, they do so much to make our lives better. So when I pass by them, I sometimes touch their leaves, their fruits. I want them to know that they are not just standing there. That their presence is noticed and felt by me. That as seasons change, I watch them. I watch them lose everything and grow back into wonderful beings. I watch them grow beautiful flowers in the Spring and delicious fruits in the Summer. Sometimes I also take the pretty fallen leaves and fruits home to decorate with.  I want them to know that even though all they are doing everyday is make their daily food in order to live, their presence is felt farther than they can possibly see. It is felt by me.



The sky is abundant. No matter where you go in this world, it’s always there. In other words, it’s always ready. It’s always ready to take me in its arms. It knows that I look up to it and smile. It knows that it has an important place in my life so sometimes it would even colour itself in beautiful colours to make me smile even wider. And that’s true love, I tell you!


The butterflies are cute, kissable and playful. They visit me very often. I have been trying to capture them in a photograph or video but it hasn’t really been possible to catch them in a good moment because they are so fast. I think that it’s because they want me to follow them around. So I do that, and then they laugh, and I do too. They visit me at the pool, on the streets, but only for a second. They don’t stay very long. But for some reason, I like this short visit. It says to me that they see me. And by running towards them, I let them know that I see them too.


Love was that simple. As I step out into the world, I know that the sky is happy to finally have me in its arms, the flowers are happy to be adored, the sun is happy to make me feel warm, the trees are happy to have me walking by and adoring their leaves, the mosquitoes are happy to suck my blood and make me angry, and the butterflies are happy to play with me and make me laugh. Today in my life, this is me. A person who is able to make others realize that they have a place in this world, a place that I am able to see them in even if they themselves can’t. With that, I create real soul connections with my surroundings. I want everyone to know that even though they cannot convey their words to me, they have a special place in my life. As I raise my hand and reach up to the sky, I know. I know that the world feels my presence and I feel it too. This is what it means to Be Your Own Summer.

The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller


This post marks the end of My Summer Love series on my website. I hope you all enjoyed reading along. For future reference, all the posts related to this series will be filed under Love Yourself > My Summer Love. Thank you for your time and comments. I hope you all had an amazing Summer too. If you have been writing about your Summer too, let me know so I can add it to my reading list.

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Ish Kish Mish <3


A girl who loves smiling like flowers!

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  1. The photo below “The Insects” is so lovely in its simplicity!
    Like you, I also bring home fallen leaves… and twigs, and acorns, seed pods, and other bits of nature 🙂

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