A girl who loves smiling like flowers!

That’s me

So I have been trying to focus on my goals for a long time and obviously failing to concentrate every single day. I am not surprised given that it’s been very hard to accept life in the past year. I didn’t know that running for my career and education would leave me so energy-less that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything. For the longest time in life, I felt very very tired and lots of thoughts went through my mind. In some ways, I no longer know what kind of person I am or where I am. It’s all…

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The light within me

When I was a child, someone (I don’t remember who!) told me that if I sit in a dark room, close my eyes and work hard enough to concentrate in the area in the between my 2 eyes, and repeat Mool Mantra* over and over again, I will discover a light emerging from within. At that time, I did try it and as far as I remember (and perhaps it was due to my imagination or perhaps, reality), I did discover it: the light within me. Over the last couple of years, I have wondered (perhaps, unknowingly) quite a lot…

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Pick up a fallen leaf

Fall felt like a semester of fallen leaves- although scattered, but still organized in the cycle of nature. I picked up a few leaves over and over again, watched them dry out and lose their colours, gave them away as gifts, decorated my table with a few, danced around with some, found some crushed in my own backpack, but still…I found that.. There are advantages of picking up a fallen leaf. In a way, it gave me direction; hope. Of where I am supposed to be going. What I must keep on doing regardless of what happens in life. What I…

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