Bucket List

  • Go to a Lantern Festival in Asia!!

B’coz I love watching lanterns escape into the night sky. It is a much more hopeful feeling than watching helium balloons escape from your hand by accident.

  • Design a huge old style key and keep it with me forever

B’coz I like old, artistic things

  • Travel Asia with Jessica

B’coz I want to travel with her some day and we’ll like Asia’s great diversity

  • Change my hairstyle as many times as possible in this lifetime (Working on it :P)


– I love doing creative things with my hair

– I want to look different in different phases of my life (looking the same in every picture of your life is not fun at all)

– I love to experiment by taking pictures with different hairstyles πŸ˜€

  • Dye my hair with bright colors πŸ˜› (On hold until health of hair has improved lol)

B’coz I have always wanted to try it

  • Participate in a Flash Mob


– I want to participate in an activity that focuses all my energy into one special cause

– I want to learn to dance

  • Sleep in an empty, worn-down hut in the middle of a forestΒ (Don’t think camping counts but a similar experience this summer.)

B’coz I want to enjoy it’s emptiness, silence and wilderness

  • Dance performance on stage

B’coz I have always wanted to perform in front of an audience, ever since I was little (but never had the skills or guts to do so)

  • Get a stamp with my name on it

B’coz I love personalized things

  • Live in a warmer place


– Cold climate is not very good for my health

– I can go anywhere without having to worry about being frozen to death

– I can be more active and breathe fresh air without it hurting my body

  • Learn how to sew


– I want to be create things I need at home

  • Learn to make mukluks


– I love handmade stuff

– They are very pretty

  • Continue to self-learn Japanese and Korean


– I love learning new languages

– I wasn’t able to take many language classes in university due to schedule conflicts

– I want to live in Japan some day

– I already know many Korean words and want to know how to write/read them

– Learning new languages makes me feel alive <3


Β – Get a bike (Done JuneΒ 2013, with a 18 km bike ride a day later :|)


– I miss the childhood days I used to bike to school

– I want to explore Canada’s beautiful nature on a bike

– I want to live a more active life

– I like wandering on days I feel energyless

– Get a Driver’s License (Done! Done! Done! – happiest about this one! :))


– Canada is cold and I want an easier way to get around

– Many jobs require the ability to travel locally

– I want to be able to go to road trips on long weekends

– I want to be independent

– Braid my friend’s hair (Lost the chance!)


– It is silky and it is very difficult to braid silky hair

– It might not stay long for too long (haha!)



  1. Cool list. All the best in achieving them πŸ™‚

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