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In November 2014 I took a photography course offered by WordPress which inspired bloggers to take a photo every day and post it on their blog. I am happy to have completed this course with a 100% participation rate and even in this cold, I can’t wait to pull off my glove and click a photo. Sadly though, I have to restrain myself from taking off my glove in extreme temperatures lol. All photos were taken by my very old iPod Touch with a 1.3MP camera and were edited mostly using Instagram or Photo Editor+ (an Axiem Systems app).

All in all, it has been a delight to search for something new every day and to have found it. It has given me new reasons to be grateful for what I have. For most of the pictures, I didn’t have to go very far. My pictures are from my home, work, library I study at and the walk from work to home. And that’s really it. As temperatures were getting cooler, my mission was to take as many pictures indoors as possible, and for the most part, I was successful. It’s been fun chasing a theme in my breaks and walks. To my surprise, for the first time in 3 years, I saw my iPod running out of memory, unable to take pictures. This realization came to me at an unfortunate intersection where I was trying to take a picture and no matter how many photos I deleted, there just was not enough memory to take a new one. Oh well, it’s alright :D. November has been fun and now it’s time to rest until I am ready to explore something new again. This post will release where and when each of the photos were taken and perhaps any mystery behind any of them 😉

My submissions were following:


Happy Diwali, World!! May the new year bring lots of joy and light in your life. - Nov 3, 2013

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This is an old picture. It was taken on Diwali last year. Diwali is a festival of lights and is celebrated in India. This year, I did not have a chance to celebrate it as I was not home on Diwali.

STREET -“When we walk down the path of life in the arms of the sky”

This picture is from Spring this year (taken approx in April or May) when the snow had just started to melt. It was taken as I was walking home from the library at the end of the day. It was quite a peaceful walk after all the studying. And the sunset? Let’s just say it’s always there to help me realize what a beautiful day it has been.

WATER – “Can you break me?”

It's over.

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This picture was taken early in November when the temperatures were dropping but it hadn’t exactly started snowing yet. The picture is of a water puddle on the side of the road on my walk to Wascana Lake (which I thought would be a better interpretation of the Water theme). I went all the way to the lake and took lots of pictures. At last, I settled with this insignificant puddle to show Water’s significance.

BLISS – “What you have is enough”

The days will go by. People will come and leave. Eventually, everything will work out.

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Bliss was quite a search. I was not in a paradise-like land where a glimpse of nature just blows you away. This theme puzzled me very much until of course I realized what I hold onto everyday to keep myself warm at work: this very plush blanket. I took various pictures of the blanket to try and capture the warmth it gives me. Application of effects was another story though. The transformed images ranged from cheerful to ghostly haha

SOLITUDE – “Sometimes being alone is enough.”


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This tree was also captured the day I was looking for Water. Nearly frozen, it stood tall, together and graceful. Perhaps that is the power of solitude. It doesn’t necessary means being lonely. It means being alone and enough. There is a difference.

CONNECT – “Learn to see past the differences. Connect.”


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This one was a play on my fingers to show connections between people. Since I had been away for a very long weekend and had forgotten my iPod at home, upon my return, I decided to create with what I have.

LANDMARK – “Remember.”

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This picture was taken right after Remembrance Day at Victoria Park, Regina where this landmarks stands to honour the ones who died in the World War. It is on my way to work and the display looked too beautiful to not be captured.

THE NATURAL WORLD – “The path may be long but it’s alright.” 

Keep on going. -11C

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The natural world was completely frozen by this time. It had snowed and it didn’t look it would melt this time. On my way to home from work that day, this black and white natural world became my only color.

WARMTH – “A lucky day in -17C.”

Lucky to see the sun today. #Warmth

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Warmth was so much fun. It was my favourite theme. I believe it was on my way to a social? I can’t exactly remember but I was going somewhere through the Victoria park and I was feeling lucky to see that the sun was finally shining. This bench in the part looked very interesting. The salt underneath it looked like small snowballs and the sun just covered the whole scene in a blanket full of warmth. And the lucky thing? I was in that blanket 😀

MYSTERY –“From this moment.”

#mystery #shadows

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This theme was another fun one. I was going for creating mysteries with shadows. Interestingly, this picture was taken in my office on a day when sun was shining and hitting all the objects in its way, creating wonderful shadows. Many had asked me what this is. Don’t be surprised. Mystery revealed: it is a water bottle lol

A POP OF COLOR –“Let’s forget about the cold and have fun like it’s Summer. 😀 ” and “Coca Coca Cola through my window 🙂 ”

Let's ride.

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This picture was taken in front of the Central Regina Library. These are the bike racks to which you can lock your bikes. The snow made a wonderful background and really made the colors pop.

Coca coca cola. #popofcolor

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This picture was taken through my office window. I was thinking about something and my eyes feel on a red coca cola truck on the road. It was waiting for the red light to go green. I immediately searched for my iPod so I could capture it before the light went green. I was able to get one successful photo. Funny thing? The truck driver probably never even thought someone would ever try so hard to capture a truck to only say, “Coca Coca Cola. Life ho to aisi.” lol That’s a tagline from a coca cola AD from my childhood lol. “Life ho to aisi” means this is how life should be. Not a cola drinker myself but completely agree with the message.

ARCHITECTURE – “Hi there, Elephant!” and “Empty.”

Found an #elephant today 🙂

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Found him on the side of the library I go to almost every day. Never noticed this guy until that day. Was kinda cool to find an elephant out of the zoo in Canada lol. Hey there, guy! Keep eating cars haha

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On the other side of the library were these concrete benches, all covered in snow. The funny thing was that this picture did not need to changed into black and white. The only way you could tell the difference between a B&W version of this picture and the real one was the cars in the background. That was really interesting. You can check out other version on my Instagram.


Trying to capture a moment.

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Ghostly lol

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Another busy day with no time to explore moments. So I decided to play with the moment I was in. Creative, right? I know lol Studying at the library and making my pen look like it was writing my notes was fun. Wish it was real 😮


Swarm 3

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By this time, the world had become very cold. Had a picture of birds from the day before captured through a window but it wasn’t enough. The birds could probably be counted. It was not a swarm. I needed countless numbers of something. I thought I should go to mall; I didn’t. I didn’t think it would be so full to capture a swarm. After all, it was no Boxing Day lol. So I went home and as I took off my jacket, I found it. The fur from my winter jacket. Boom!

LANDSCAPE – “Shim shim shimmer, light my world.”

I love roaming around looking for color. Life is good. 🙂

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When people say, “Landscape”, to me it means, “What captures my heart so much that everything around me just disappears?” This was it. The view of all the lights in downtown as soon as I stepped out of the library and started walking home.

TREASURE – “I <3 you”

Just playing with snow. 🙂

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For this theme, I couldn’t answer the question, “What do you treasure?” I couldn’t think of anything that I treasured and would want to share with others. So on my way to home from work, I created a sweet, not-very-long-lasting treasure on one of the snow-filled benches in the park: Love. And the love story was soon completed by a “I love you too” haha. Create with what you have will always be my guiding principle.

GLASS – “Where we will meet.”

Where we will meet.

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Right when I was about to leave the library that day, I found my picture for the glass theme. I can’t believe I had been sitting beside the window all this time not even realizing that this was it. Standing in front of glass and taking pictures of myself through it is one of my favourite things to do (or used to be at one point). What is the background? What is the subject? What is the reflection? Where am I? This chaotic scene is quite interesting and amusing.

EDGE – “Straighten the lines. Get rid of the chaos. It’s going to be a constant battle anyway.”


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This picture is of the library aisles as sun was peeking through the windows. I took this picture while trying to cut down as much as noise in the surroundings as possible. More cropping would have helped to “straighten the lines” but as I said, ” it will be a constant battle anyway” so that’s alright. But yes, it is a metaphor for life.

DOUBLE – “Reveal”

This picture is of the sliders on my office windows. It reveals a little bit of the outside and the inside and the sliders are what will change what you can see. Abracadabra and the blinds shut down lol

TRIUMPH – “Invasion”

Got so much snow today.

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It has been snowing continuously for the past couple of days and temperatures have been continuously dropping. Currently reporting -26C (~-14F). This is how the snow and the cold have invaded the life of all living beings lmao. I mean look at this; it has even reached the online world and is now snowing on WordPress blogs 😛

 And this is it. My basket of photos. Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

IshKishMish <3

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