The Childhood Memories

In response to Happy (Insert Occasion here)! Writing Assignment.

Topic for today:

Tell us about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

Today’s twist: Tell the story in your own distinct voice.

Here’s some of my favourite foods that I can recall from my childhood:

1) The boiled potato

When I was little, I absolutely loved to eat boiled potatoes right after they came out of the pressure cooker. They used to be very hot and steamy and very hard to peel. My mother would boil them for making potato paranthas and she would always have one or two extras. We would swoop into the kitchen and try to eat them. Mother would always say, “Don’t eat too many or you won’t eat the paranthas.” I obviously wouldn’t care about what comes after the potatoes. All I wanted was to pour salt on them while they were still steaming and eat them as soon as possible. There’s something about the light taste of salt on a hot potato that just makes it taste so much better. The simplicity of this small snack still remains in my heart as I cook today.

2) The potato chips and the miracle food(?)

On Sundays, my mother would make deep fried potato chips. Hot out of the pan, I clearly remember eating them with Ketchup. But in addition to the chips, I remember these colourful things that came in different shapes. I do not know what exactly they are called but they came in different shapes and colors and when deep fried, they’d expand in size. Those were really great to eat. I mean, how could something so small just expand in size when fried? They were a miracle and it was amazing to watch them become something completely different in a pan of hot oil. Man, I haven’t had them in over a decade!

3) Ice cream

The best ending to every day was the ice cream. At night, my father would bring home a brick of ice cream and we’d cut into pieces with a knife and eat it together. I cannot recall exactly but I believe we had restrictions on how much ice cream we could eat at a time. May be because it is quite easy to eat the whole brick in one shot? I can totally see myself doing that but I was a good child. I listened to my mother. I only remember the flavour Tutti Fruity by ZigZag(?). That was the only brand available at the best ice cream store in town. I believe it had red and green chunks in it. Anyway….to eat ice cream with family after dinner was a very sweet way to end each day.

4) Sweets

If you were me, you were a Sweets girl. You loved eating anything sweet. Especially if your grandfather had a Sweets shop. Sweets come in all different colors and shapes but they all have one thing in common – they are all sweet lol. Just like me 😀 haha. Some were made to look like pears. I especially remember a pink one, which had white stuff in the middle. That one was a bit more expensive than gulab jamuns and rasgullas so I chose to eat it on special occasions only. Not that I ever had to pay for any of it but I still wanted to be considerate. I also remember the colourful display of all the sweets at our shop on Diwali, laid out on a slope so you could see all varieties just by one look. That view was beautiful. On Diwali, there’s even more varieties than normal so I’d get a few boxes packed so I’d get to taste each kind at least once.


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  1. is it me or i’m really reading metaphors in burnt potatoes? 🙂

    • No lol it is a real thing haha. If you ever forget to take out the potatoes from under the fire, it will burn lol but if u open it up, u ll see that the core of it is still edible lol i cant stop laughing as I am writing this because I have done this a few times (not on purpose but because I forgot to take them out of the bbq on time) haha. Surprisingly, they are delicious 🙂

      • same with sweet potato then (they are family after all sharing the same surname) 🙂 when i was young we used to mix rice with sweet potato or corn to increase the volume so it can feed the lot of us. oh, how i hated it and still suffering trauma because of the experience (har har)

  2. 27 years living in Europe and still, i cannot learn to like the taste of potato in any form 🙂 i like your trip down memory lane by the way. so vividly written. good night/morning!

    • Lol my european friends trained me quite well in eating a potato lol boiled, roasted, fried, burnt. Everything works lol I actually like the burnt version a lot as the excessively burnt potato leaves a protected core in the middle, giving it a slight bitter taste. It’s comforting in many ways.

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