The IshKishMish Shop and GIVEAWAY!

Dear subscribers,

The time has come. To launch my first ever postcard shop. Little pieces of paper have always been part of my life, especially with messages on them. I have created my postcards with the same purpose. As reminders of who I am and who I can be. In short, I call them extensions of myself, now ready to be in the hands of those who need these words as companions in their journey to find themselves.

As a writer, I have had many different types of experiences with words. I have seen people use words to destroy others and I have seen them use it to build others. And as I walked through life, I realized… while words can be used to fill doubt, fear, guilt and insecurity in others, they can also be used to fill strength, courage and confidence. For me, I want to choose the latter. I want my words to travel to every part of the world with only one purpose:

To make you feel stronger in who you are.

Not to change you,
Or fix you
To make you realize
In whatever you are today,
You are enough.


So with this message out there on this international platform, I would like to open up my shop!!! And you as subscribers will get the 1st chance to win them!! I will be giving away 5 postcards to 5 of my lovely subscribers as a thank you for supporting me in my journey and instilling in me the confidence to put my creations out into the world. Thank you for believing in me. I feel your presence, your love and your support. I feel it all everyday. Thank you so much. Here’s how to enter:

Rules to enter:

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  2. Leave a comment on this post with the name of your 3 favourite postcards from my shop (link to shop)

The giveaway will close on Apr 30, 2017 at which time the shop will open for sale. Five winners will be selected using a random draw. The postcard awarded will be the 1st of the 3 you leave in the comment (as long as it has not already been awarded to someone else).